The Fastest & Easiest Surfboard Repair

Surfboard dings come in many varieties.  Large or small, on tails or rails, blown fin boxes, cracked noses, buckled boards… the list goes on.  Traditionally, these repairs have been done at home or left to your local ding repairman.  Now that we know DingZAP! is the superior method of surfboard ding repair, when should we […]

How To Fix a Cracked Swallowtail with DingZAP!

Easy Surfboard Repair with DingZAP. Everyone has a fish in their quiver.  They’re fun, practical, and make surfing on small days much more doable.  Unfortunately though, there is a specific type of ding that plagues fish owners: A cracked swallowtail. Any type of contact with a hard surface is usually enough to bust the end […]

Ode to the Surf Shop

"We salute legendary surf shops around the world like "Red Dog Surf Shop" in New Smyrna Beach, Holly and the boys pictured here, supporting Ding ZAP! @reddog_surf It was recently Surf Shop Day—a day that is set aside to recognize all that the surf shop does for us surfers.  We thought that we’d take this […]

How to Fix a Surfboard

The way we see it, there are two answers to the question – “How to fix a surfboard”. There’s option 1: the old way, and there’s option 2: the new way.  If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of the old way.  So, what is the new way?  First, let’s talk about how much we […]

Summer is Coming

The weather is warming up, the trees are starting to sprout little leaves, and the beach is beginning to creep its way back into your mind… What does this mean? Summer is coming.  Some of us have invested in serious wetsuits or go on long vacations to the tropics during the winter, but for most people […]

How does Ding ZAP! Stack up to Competition?

The Inertia recently published an article about the best ding tapes stating that, amongst other things, “ding tape is an unsung hero of the surfing world.” We wholeheartedly agree, and we feel that we do it best!   Our friend Will, who wrote the article, had some nice things to say about Ding ZAP!.  He stated […]

How Does Ding ZAP! Surfboard Repair Tape Work? Ding ZAP! is a fast acting, emergency surfboard repair tape. It is the best product of its kind because of its unique feature set.  In short – its easy and fast to use, stretchy, breathable, water-tight, and easily removable.  A small ding in your board no longer means the end of your session.  Throw […]

How to Apply Ding Zap! with Joe Falcone [Video]

Here, surfboard shaper and Ding ZAP! founder Joe Falcone demonstrates how to properly repair a ding using Ding ZAP! in three easy steps.  Applying the ZAP! correctly will ensure the best possible results, and get you back in the water fast. Joe and the team developed Ding ZAP! after three years of R&D to get […]