How does Ding ZAP! Stack up to Competition?

The Inertia recently published an article about the best ding tapes stating that, amongst other things, “ding tape is an unsung hero of the surfing world.” We wholeheartedly agree, and we feel that we do it best!  

Our friend Will, who wrote the article, had some nice things to say about Ding ZAP!.  He stated that “the thin and stretchy material means it can be used for noses, tails, and other parts of surfboards that are generally tough to cover with normal tape, a massive win.” Thanks Will! This is exactly what we’re going for.

The article also mentioned that some may find that the tape is hard apply due to its thin and stretchy nature, and that the edges seem like they may be prone to peeling over time.  Our response to this is simple: If you take your time and apply properly, the tape goes on easy and it’s not going anywhere.  Though, we do not recommend leaving the tape on for more than a few sessions, we have seen pieces hold up for months – even years in some cases.

Below, owner and shaper, Joe Falcone, performs a simple stress test with his fingernail on one of his boards.  You can see clearly in the video that the tape isn’t going anywhere.  

There are many other options out there, but none of them do everything Ding ZAP! can.  Or tape is the only stretchy and breathable ding tape on the market, and its the only one that won’t leave nasty residue behind when it’s time to get a proper repair!

See for yourself! Try Ding ZAP! today.

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