How Does Ding ZAP! Surfboard Repair Tape Work?

Ding ZAP! is a fast acting, emergency surfboard repair tape. It is the best product of its kind because of its unique feature set.  In short – its easy and fast to use, stretchy, breathable, water-tight, and easily removable.  A small ding in your board no longer means the end of your session.  Throw some Zap on and get back out there!

It takes very little time to apply and the tape itself is stretchy. It can fit over noses, swallow tails, and rails with ease. 

Once the tape is applied, this is where the real magic happens. DingZAP! acts as a “membrane”, forming a water-tight seal over the ding while also allowing water that may have already gotten trapped in your board to evaporate out as water vapor. 

The tape holds tight onto your board even when making constant contact with your body. For the best results here, we recommend attention to detail during the application process (sanding, wipe down with alcohol cloth, careful application). We DO NOT recommend leaving the tape on for more than a few surfs. However, we have found that, in a pinch, the tape can hold up for quite a while without starting to degrade or come loose. 

Once you’re ready to get a proper repair, it is easy to remove the tape. There’s also no residue left behind, and the ding is ready to be repaired immediately. This save your ding repairman lots of time, and will probably even save you some money!

We are very proud of how this product has worked for us so far, and we are excited to share our hard work with the surfing masses. We are on a mission to change the ding repair game! 

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