How Long Does DingZAP! Last?

So now you know that DingZAP! Is the quickest and easiest surfboard repair around  — but just how long does it last?  There’s a long answer and a short answer.

The short answer is indefinitely (years and years and years)!  When applied properly, DingZAP! Stays on boards as long as we’ve been prototyping it.  In some cases, this is more than four years! Some of the first rounds of prototypes are still on boards from when they have originally applied four years ago, and they’re still going strong.  The surfboard ding repair game has been changed!

The longer answer is that, while we do technically recommend DingZAP! as a short-term surfboard repair (a few sessions, a few months), the stuff just will not quit.  Fast, easy, long-lasting surfboard ding repair.  That’s the name of our game.

This brings us to the question — why should you even get your surfboard properly repaired anymore?  If boards only last 3-4 years, and DingZAP! lasts just as long, why bother?  Well, that’s kind of how we’re starting to see it.  There will always be dings that are too big or too structurally compromising for DingZAP!, but other than that — we say DingZAP! all the way.  Also, If a piece of ZAP! starts to look taxed, you can always peel it off and put another one on.

At the end of the day, surfboard ding repair is always going to be about personal preference.  Just remember… if you want a fast, easy, watertight seal that will last you session after session, then you can’t go wrong with DingZAP!

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