How to Apply Ding Zap! with Joe Falcone [Video]

Here, surfboard shaper and Ding ZAP! founder Joe Falcone demonstrates how to properly repair a ding using Ding ZAP! in three easy steps.  Applying the ZAP! correctly will ensure the best possible results, and get you back in the water fast.

Joe and the team developed Ding ZAP! after three years of R&D to get all the details just right.  You’ll find that Ding ZAP! has the perfect amount of hold to keep you surfing through many sessions without leaving a nasty residue behind when you go to permanently repair that ding.  The ZAP! has a specially formulated combination of flexibility and stretch to conform to the trickier spots like noses and tails.  It’s obvious to say that our ding repair patches are waterproof, but unlike any other product on the market Ding ZAP! has the capability to allow water vapor to escape from inside your board.  No more waterlogged logs.

Fixing a ding with Ding ZAP!
– Lightly sand the ding and a small surrounding area to make the surface of the board as smooth as possible and free of any major imperfections.  The scuffs from the sandpaper create an optimal surface for the ZAP! to adhere.  These scuffs will not compromise the board, and will easily go away when permanently repairing the board.
– Clean the ding and surround area with the alcohol wipe provided.  For proper adhesion there should be no dust or debris on the surface where the patch will be applied.
– Apply the Ding ZAP! over the ding.  Gently peel the backer from the adhesive side labeled “peel this side first”, and apply the ZAP! over the ding.  Make sure the patch is adhered consistently, has no bubbles or wrinkles,  and all the edges are securely stuck down.  The ZAP! will stretch and bend to help you get a snug ft.  Once the ZAP! has been applied to the surface, remove the backer on the face of the patch.  The patches can be trimmed to best suit your ding, and can also be combined with another patch of Ding ZAP! to cover a bigger ding. (When combining two patches together make sure there is overlap to prevent water from leaking in.)

Whether traveling to remote locations or surfing your local break, we recommend you keep a box of Ding ZAP! on hand.  One day you’re going to need it, and we guarantee you’ll be glad you have it.  Dings happen.  Don’t be a kook about fixing them.

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