How To Fix a Cracked Swallowtail with DingZAP!

Easy Surfboard Repair with DingZAP.

Everyone has a fish in their quiver.  They’re fun, practical, and make surfing on small days much more doable.  Unfortunately though, there is a specific type of ding that plagues fish owners: A cracked swallowtail. Any type of contact with a hard surface is usually enough to bust the end of a swallowtail open, and that open wound will eventually lead to a waterlogged board.

Traditionally, this type of surfboard repair is done with a ding repair kit.  This is a particularly tricky type of surfboard ding to repair though, because there it involves some reshaping, careful precision, and not to mention all the surface area that is exposed when you crack your swallowtail.

What about other ding tapes, stickers or tape?  Sure, you could try that, but these solutions don’t stretch and will leave gaps and bubbles over a tricky spot like a cracked swallowtail.  What’s answer to the problem – DingZAP! (you probably could have guessed this by now).  DingZAP! Is the quickest and easiest surfboard repair on the market, and it reigns supreme in tricky situations like this as well.

This type of DingZAP! repair does take a little more care and patience.  Through trail and error, we’ve found what works for us.  We’ve outlined the steps in the video here, but here they again, just in case:

1:  Prep your surface by sanding down any jagged edges of fiberglass

2: Cut a piece of DingZAP! to size — we’re looking for slightly larger than the surface area of the ding

3: Peel the DingZAP! and apply the sticky side first.  We always like the keep the backing on for this step for maximum control of the tape.

4: When applying, give the ZAP a little bit of a stretch around the corner of the tail.  You want to stretch it just enough so that it doesn’t fold or bubble, but not so much that you are compromising the integrity of the ZAP.  You want to look for a slight hourglass shape (see video for reference)

5: Remove the backing, and get back out there!

It’s that simple.  We’re changing the surfboard repair game one ding at a time.  Stay tuned for more tricks and tips that we’ve discovered along the DingZAP! journey, and never hesitate to reach out to us with things that you’ve discovered with the ZAP!

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