How to Fix a Surfboard

The way we see it, there are two answers to the question – “How to fix a surfboard”.

There’s option 1: the old way, and there’s option 2: the new way. 

If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of the old way.  So, what is the new way?  First, let’s talk about how much we don’t like the old style of surfboard repair…
Option 1 is the old way using a ding repair kit. This always involves some sort of messy, stinky resin, fiberglass, and other chemicals.  The process is long and drawn out and it’s easy to mess up.  Using a ding repair kit, more often than not, ends up creating more problems than it solves. We like to call it a “permanent sh*tty repair,” because more likely than not, you or your ding repair person will have to go back and correct any mistakes you made on the first round of repairs.

We think it’s better to leave the surfboard repair involving chemicals and resins to the professionals.  This ensures that any serious repairs are done correctly.  However, getting your surfboard ding repair person involved invites a new host of problems.  When you drop your board off with your ding repair guy, there’s a solid chance you won’t be seeing it for weeks… or months!  When the waves get good, we need our boards NOW.  Months or more is absolutely too long to wait for a surfboard repair.

Now, here’s where we get to the good part: Option 2.  Option 2 involves reaching into your bag, grabbing your DingZAP, applying it to your board, and getting back out in the waves within minutes.  With DingZAP, you have fast and easy surfboard repair that will last you session after session.  DingZAP creates a watertight seal over any reasonably sized ding that will protect your board from becoming waterlogged or further damaged.  If you ever decide that you do want a professional surfboard ding repair, simply peel off the patch and drop it off with your repair guy.

At DingZAP, we’re surfers.  We’ve suffered through too many failed DIY ding repairs.  We know duct tape, stickers, or wax stuffed into a ding only make matters worse, but we’ve done it for years because we don’t want our board sitting in our ding repair guy’s garage while he smokes weed all day.  With DingZAP, all of these problems are a thing of the past.  We’re aiming to redefine the answer to the question “How to fix a Surfboard” and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic of DingZAP right along with us.

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