Summer is Coming

The weather is warming up, the trees are starting to sprout little leaves, and the beach is beginning to creep its way back into your mind… What does this mean? Summer is coming.  Some of us have invested in serious wetsuits or go on long vacations to the tropics during the winter, but for most people – summer means more surfing than the rest of the year.  Are you prepared?  What if you get a ding in your surfboard? Do you know how to fix a surfboard ding?  Well, if you didn’t know before, now you do.  Grab yourself a couple of packs of DingZAP, and you’ll be good for the rest of the summer.  

Why?  Well, when you get a ding in your surfboard (small or large) it creates a way for water to get in.  The foam on the inner layer of your surfboard then drinks that water up and your surfboard begins to rot from the inside out.  For many, a fresh ding on their surfboard can mean the end of a session when the waves are on.  

In the past, fixing a ding meant dropping your surfboard off at the ding repair guy’s workshop — and you’d be lucky if he had your board fished and ready to give back to you within the next month!  The next best option was something like a ding-all repair kit or secure, but these options are messy, time-consuming, and, if not done correctly, can end up making your board worse in the long run.

The past is gone.  The future is now.  DingZAP is the ONLY ding repair product you need.  It’s fast, easy, extremely effective, and will not damage your board any further. DingZAP is more of a ding repair patch than an entire ding repair kit (although a box of DingZAP does come with some accessories to help optimize your repair).  A patch of DingZAP can be cut many times to use on several repairs and will get you right back out there when the waves are firing. If you know how to put on a sticker, you know how to apply DingZap to a surfboard ding.

It may be hard to buy something new for a problem you may (will) experience in the future, but trust us — you don’t want to play around with your surfboards.  When you have a magic board, you want to keep that thing magic.  Don’t let it get all waterlogged and rotten!  Make sure you have some DingZAP in your bag this summer.  It’s as essential as a bar of wax if you’re serious about your surfing.  

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