The Fastest & Easiest Surfboard Repair

Surfboard dings come in many varieties.  Large or small, on tails or rails, blown fin boxes, cracked noses, buckled boards… the list goes on.  Traditionally, these repairs have been done at home or left to your local ding repairman.  Now that we know DingZAP! is the superior method of surfboard ding repair, when should we use it to fix our boards?  The short answer: Always.

If you’re eying up a crack on your board, like the one on the wing in the above video, and you’re not sure whether or not it’s taking on water, you probably wouldn’t have gotten that ding professionally repaired until it became a problem.  BUT, you have nothing to lose by putting a piece of ZAP! on top of it!  Even if it’s not taking on any water, it likely will begin doing so in the near future. Throw some ZAP! on there and don’t even worry about it!

DingZAP is the fastest and easiest surfboard repair. In under a minute, you’ll have peace of mind and be ready to get right back out there into the surf.  Forget the days of floundering around with those Ding all repair kits on the beach—getting sand in your repair and resin all over your fingertips.  Why hassle when you can be done with it so quickly?

Plus, DingZAP! is flexible and can easily be cut to shape.  We’ve found that users often get between 3-4 surfboard repairs out of one piece of ZAP!  Now THAT is some serious bang for your buck.  As demonstrated in the video, you can also trim the repair to taste with scissors or a razor blade to remove any excess ZAP! from around the Ding. 

DingZAP! Is as essential as a bar of wax.  Sure… If you break your board in half, DingZAP! isn’t going to hold it back together (maybe it would if you used enough ha!) but for 99% of surfboard dings, DingZAP! will get the job done faster, better, and easier than anything else out there.  Then when you feel like getting your ding professionally repaired, simply peel off the ZAP! and bring it to your local ding repair guy.

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